Cue Sync Pro

Easy Hotcue Migration Tool

Synchronize cues between Algoriddim Djay, Serato DJ Lite/Pro and Virtual DJ.

Do you want to try out a different DJ Software without leaving cues and beatgrid settings behind?
Cue Sync Pro is here to help.

Supported conversions at the moment:

Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


Note: This is an unofficial tool.

Cue Sync Pro is not affiliated with, endorsed or supported by Serato or Algoriddim.
It is not well-tested yet, expect bugs to mess up your file tags.
Create a backup of your music!
Also, keep in mind that you need to own identical digital copies for tracks from streaming services such as Spotify.

How to install


Step 1: Download and start the exe

Step 2: Confirm

If you are getting this warning, click "More Info" and select "Run anyway".
The application is not signed because I cannot afford to pay $300 a year for a certificate. Sorry!

Step 3: Done

Mac OS X

Step 1: Download the dmg

Step 2: Install

Step 3: Open the Finder

Step 4: Command-Open

Step 5: Confirm

The application is not signed because I cannot afford to pay $100 a year to Apple. Sorry!

Step 6: Done

How does it work?

Cue Sync Pro detects your Djay Pro library and your Serato crates.
Then, it matches common tracks.
It will read cues from Djay and write them to the file's ID3 tags where Serato and Virtual DJ can read them.

More Questions?

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